Build a bank that makes a difference

Join our engineering team and redefine the future of banking for the UK’s most aspirational go-getters, goal-smashers and record-breakers.

Take part in the transformation

Entrepreneurs in the UK are being sidelined by banks that don’t understand their needs. We’re changing that by giving power back to small and medium businesses with fast flexible finance along with business insights that drive forward decisions.

And savers set on smashing their long-term goals? They can reach meaningful milestones with straightforward accounts that offer competitive rates, all while investing in businesses that create jobs and affordable homes.

Solving real-life problems with innovation

Banking is a fundamental part of everyone’s lives. Many of us have had frustrations with accessing finance or finding the right bank that makes our lives easier and our money work harder. So when we say our tech and products solve real-life problems, they’re ones you can relate to – along with millions of businesses and consumers.

Layla and Sam in a meeting

Don't be a cog in a corporate machine

As part of our team, you’ll be learning from the best people in the industry – engineers and product managers who’ve worked at Google, Intel, Amazon, Bloomberg, Palantir and a number of other leading tech companies. Except unlike at those places, you wouldn’t be engineer number 10,000. You’d be part of an intimate, agile development team working on a critical mission: to empower Britain’s ambition.

How we work


We work in cross-functional, mission-driven, autonomous squads that gel over time. We pair program to work better through shared experience and knowledge.

Outcomes over outputs

Our goal is to solve user problems resulting in better business outputs – we measure our success based on that.

Continuous improvement

We optimise for feedback now, rather than presume what’s needed for the future and introduce complexity before it will be used. This means we learn faster and share learnings in blame-free formats.

Continuous deployment

We deploy changes seamlessly without manual interventions. This optimises our productivity, keeps us resilient and helps us practice security by design.

Test outside in, test first

TDD helps us work fast and deploy at pace. We solve user problems, so we test with that mindset – scenarios first, solutions second, then test against behaviour, rather than implementation.

You build it, you run it

We embrace DevOps culture and end-to-end ownership of products and features. Every engineer, regardless of their role, has the opportunity to lead the delivery of features from start to finish.

Two employees chatting at the coffee bar

Our team culture

We embrace difference – what makes us unique, helps us learn from one another, see new perspectives, challenge our own complacencies and develop as professionals.

It also helps us be ourselves, and when we’re ourselves we’re happy, motivated and empowered. To achieve this environment we create:

  • A wide range of voices heard to the benefit of all
  • Teams that are clearly happy, engaged, and laugh together
  • Perceivable safety to have an opinion or ask a question
  • No egos – people listen to and learn from others at all levels, with strong opinions held loosely
Every day at OakNorth has given me an opportunity to grow. We're working on greenfield projects and focus on delivering for the user first. Sometimes this creates uncertainty, which can be challenging – but our culture makes it easy. Everybody cares about the work, colleagues make the effort to give non-judgemental advice and constructive feedback, which helps me bring my best self to work each day.
Arav Patel, Senior Fullstack Engineer
As a full-stack engineer in the Data team, I am excited to learn and explore the endless possibilities of product, backend, and data development. Every day presents a new challenge, and I enjoy the opportunity to expand my skills and creativity to deliver robust and innovative solutions. The diversity of the work keeps me engaged and motivated, and I can't imagine doing anything else.
Blake Davies, Full Stack Data Engineer

Join the OakNorth engineering team

Want to make a real impact on the future of finance? Not willing to slot into existing systems? Ready to question the status-quo? If you’re looking for a new challenge that will reward you beyond your paycheck, then apply for one of our engineering roles today.