Enjoy straightforward savings with a Base rate tracker account

Simplify your savings goals with a transparent interest rate that’s linked to the Bank of England rate

Save your way with an OakNorth Base rate tracker account

With a Base rate tracker account you can earn high interest rates without locking up your money for a set time period. Unlike Fixed Term savings accounts, you just need to let us know in advance when you need access to your funds. The notice you need to give will depend on the account you have: currently we’re only offering a 95-day account. You can deposit funds whenever you choose, up to a maximum of £500,000 across all of your accounts. 

The interest rate for this account is variable and will track the Bank of England Base rate plus or minus a fixed spread (this is the rate that we add or subtract from the Bank of England Base rate).  

When applying, you will have full clarity on the interest rate (which will include the Bank of England Base rate and the spread). So, if the Bank of England Base rate goes up, your rate will go up; and if the rate comes down, your rate will follow. The interest rate on your account will be updated on the 1st day of each calendar month to reflect the change made to the Bank of England Base rate. 

What do you get with an OakNorth Base rate tracker account?

Unlimited withdrawals

You’re not restricted to a set amount of withdrawals. As long as you give us the right notice, we’ll give you full access to your funds.

No hidden fees

You’ll earn money from us, and we won’t take any fees from you. It’s as simple as that.

Low minimum deposit

You can open an OakNorth Base rate tracker account with just £1.

How long can you wait to withdraw your savings?

95 days

Ideal for short to mid-term savers

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The interest rate on our Base rate tracker account will update on the 1st day of each calendar month to reflect the change made to the Bank of England Base rate, which may increase or decrease.

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Why save with OakNorth?

Earn more with competitive rates

Earn more with competitive rates: With an OakNorth Base rate tracker account, your interest rate is linked to the Bank of England rate.

Set up your account in minutes

Opening a Base rate tracker account with us is easy. Apply in minutes and say goodbye to long forms.

Manage your money easily

Keep track of your money and watch your earnings increase from our app or your online account.

Save securely with FSCS protection

Your eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so your savings are secure.

Retail savings app

All of your OakNorth savings on one simple screen

Open new accounts, check how much you’ve earned on existing ones and manage your transactions easily, all on the OakNorth app.

How do I open a Base rate tracker account?

Before you get saving with your new OakNorth Base rate tracker account, choose an account that gives you the flexibility you need. Don’t forget, a Base rate tracker account means that your funds will be returned to you after 95 days from the date you have submitted a withdrawal request.

But the great news is as long as you’ve given us the appropriate notice, you can withdraw or top up your funds as many times as you like. You can deposit savings at any time, up to £500,000. Once you’ve decided on the right account for you, simply fill out our online application or download the OakNorth app and apply directly there.

Your savings are secure with us

We’re a fully regulated and licensed bank. We take security seriously, especially when it comes to your savings. This means your eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Not the right account for you?

If you need quick access to your savings without notice, our Easy Access savings accounts could be a better match for you. Or, if you’re happy to lock your funds away without any immediate access, why not open a Fixed Term account?


If you’re over 18 years old and you’re a resident of the UK – i.e. you have a permanent UK address that you’ve had for over three years – then you’re eligible for an OakNorth notice account. You’ll also need to have a personal UK bank or building society to transfer funds into your account.

You can request to withdraw your savings through online banking or your mobile app. You can also get in touch about this or any other OakNorth Bank account by emailing us at OakNorth Savings or calling on 0330 3801 181.


You’re unable to access your funds without waiting the minimum notice period set out in the terms of your account.

Each notice request is individual and will be paid to your nominated account at the end of the notice period. This cannot be amended. For example on a 90 notice day account, if you decide that 15 days before the funds are due to be withdrawn you want to extend the period by another 10 days, you will have to submit a new request which will then be subject to the normal 90 day notice period.

Yes. Interest rates are variable and can be increased or decreased depending on the Bank of England base rate.

OakNorth Bank may also adjust the spread at any time at our sole discretion as outlined in the Interest Section of our Specific Terms and Conditions – Notice Base Rate Tracker Accounts.

No, this account is only available for sole accounts currently.

You can transfer funds between your Notice account and your Base rate tracker account. Transfers will go through after the notice period has been completed. Read the specific Terms and Conditions of your account to learn more.