Grow your savings without locking them away

Want to save for the future, but don’t want to lock your money away? An OakNorth Easy Access account lets you save and withdraw, on your terms.

A more flexible way to save

When it comes to saving, it’s important to go at your own pace. Our Easy Access accounts allow you to save for your goals, without restricting access to your money when you need it. What’s more, they have competitive interest rates, so you’ll still grow your savings over time.

What do you get with an OakNorth Easy Access account?

Next-day access to your funds

You can access your money as and when you choose. You aren’t charged for withdrawals, and they won’t impact your interest rate.

No hidden fees

You’ll earn money from us, and we won’t take any fees from you. It’s as simple as that.

Low minimum deposit

We won’t make you deposit a large sum just to create an account. You can open an OakNorth Easy Access Account with as little as £1.

Competitive rates, next-day access

Next-day access

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Why save with OakNorth?

Earn more with competitive rates

With an OakNorth Easy Access Account you could earn up to 3.75% interest to grow your savings.

Set up your account in minutes

Opening an Easy Access account with us is simple. You can apply online or via the OakNorth app in minutes.

Manage your money easily

You can keep track of your money and watch your savings grow from our mobile app, or your online account.

Save securely with FSCS protection

Your eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so your savings are secure.

Retail savings app

Manage your money on one simple app

Keep an eye on your balance, withdraw funds and open new savings accounts all from your OakNorth app.

Designed to make banking simple.

How do I open an Easy Access account?

It’s easy to open your new Easy Access Account. Once you’ve read the terms and conditions you can either apply in minutes via our online form, or on the OakNorth app.


Save with confidence

We’re a fully licensed and regulated bank, so we take your security seriously, and look after your hard-earned savings. When you open an OakNorth account, your eligible savings are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Not the right account for you?

An Easy Access account favours flexibility over high interest rates. If you’re willing to lock your savings away without immediate access, you could earn more with a Fixed Term savings account or a Notice savings account.


As the name suggests, an easy access account allows you to access your funds within one business day, and top up at any time.

If you’re over 18 years old and you’re a resident of the UK – i.e. you have a permanent UK address that you have had for three years or more – then you’re eligible for an OakNorth easy access account. You’ll also need to have a personal UK bank or building society to transfer funds into your account.

Yes, the interest rates on your easy access account are variable. They can be increased or decreased at any time. We will communicate any changes to our interest rates to you via email. Increases to your rate will come into effect on the first day of the next calendar month.