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You’re giving top-tier entrepreneurs advice on their growth. We’re bolstering businesses with future-looking financing. Connecting the two? A partnership has never made more sense.

Values that adds up

Businesses need banks that understand them. Luckily, we’re built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, so we know what it takes to thrive. That’s why our debt finance is different to your typical commercial lenders. It’s flexible, fast and future-proof. No blanket yes or no decisions or tick-box exercises – just transparent and flexible lending that puts people first.

So, if you want to go the extra mile for your clients and add value where it counts, connect them to an award-winning financing partner today.

How does it work?

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What we do best

Custom-built corporate finance

When your client needs to raise new capital for mergers and acquisitions, public-to-private takeovers, management buyouts or initial public offerings, we can provide invaluable expertise and corporate financing within just a few weeks.

Capital expenditure for future investments

The best businesses invest in the future, whether it’s new sustainable machinery, land, technology, or people. If you’re advising on long-term growth, we can assist with big investments or scaleable projects so your client can keep hold of their working capital.

Property finance

We’ve got years of experience supporting leading business owners on new investments and developments for residential, commercial or mixed-use property. Whether it’s a new buy-to-let venture, cutting-edge bioscience labs, or a hotel with a difference, our property finance includes flexible pricing structures, umbrella facilities, bridging loans, revolving credit facilities and bespoke term debt.

Specialist funds finance

We have extensive knowledge and experience working with a range of asset classes including private equity, ESG and credit hedge funds. We’re seasoned in providing subscription/capital-call facilities, hybrid facilities, NAV finance and much more.

Some previous OakNorth financing partnerships include: Bluegem Capital Partners, RM Funds, L1 Capital and ICG Longbow.

Some partners we work with

The accessibility of local people to talk through deals is fantastic, our clients really value the quick feedback.
Stephen Dinsmore, Corporate Finance Manager, Armstrong Watson
We were looking for a lender and very quickly, OakNorth stood out. Our experience as a borrower means we’re happy to refer clients to them, because we like how they work
Richard Wilch, Owner of Cotton’s Group
In the current environment it’s very difficult to get a bank manager to tell you what they’re looking for, whereas OakNorth come at it trying to find a solution that’s right for the client and right for the bank
Julie Cuthbertson, Corporate Finance Manager at RMT
It’s important that we’re up to date on bank appetite, and that’s not kept a secret. They’re very keen to upscale us as advisors, so that we can have the right conversations and introduce customers they can support
Julie Cuthbertson, Corporate Finance Manager at RMT

What makes us a first-class match?

We offer transparent terms, and deliver them

If we can finance a project, we’ll do it with pace. No time-wasting or back-peddling on terms, just a straightforward process without smoke and mirrors.



We do debt finance, well

We specialise in debt financing; it’s our only loan product, so we’re laser-focused on getting it right for you and your clients. Our debt finance advisors have structured multi-million-pound award-winning loans that have gone on to create thousands of new homes and jobs.


We’re not afraid of complexity

Businesses don’t usually fit neatly in a box, nor do our loans. We’re not put out by specialist financing, custom-built for your clients’ needs – in fact, it’s what we do best.

We work with experienced teams, not sectors

We don’t shut the door on sectors through economic cycles. First and foremost, we lend to people, not industries, so we care about the brains behind the business and work with expert teams across various sectors.


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We are sector agnostic. For us, our focus is on supporting great businesses with strong management teams. Since our launch in September 2015, we’ve supported businesses from a whole range of sectors including, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and life sciences.

Whether you have a client ready for finance now, or you want to find out more about our business loans, you can fill out the short form above. We’ll then give you a callback and direct you to the right member of the team to progress.

We work with a range of different partners, including brokers, accountants, lawyers, corporate advisors, private equity sponsors, debt funds, and wealth managers. If you advise experienced SMEs, then we’re open to a partnership.

At the moment, the minimum loan size that we provide businesses is £250,000.