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Meet our new Easy Access Limited Edition account

A new Easy Access account that rewards serious savers with serious interest rates.

More savings, same amount of flex 

Easy Access accounts aren’t just for loose change. If you’re serious about stretching your savings but don’t want to lock them up, this account could be for you. You can save from £20,000 up to £500,000 and be rewarded with our highest Easy Access interest rates. And the best part? You can still access your money the next working day.*


*You must retain a balance of at least £20,000 in your account to access the higher interest rates.

Why choose an Easy Access Limited Edition account?

Save more and earn more

Unlike our regular Easy Access, if you can put aside £20,000 as a minimum, you’ll earn a higher interest rate.

Set up your account in minutes

Opening an Easy Access account with us is simple. You can apply using our app or online in minutes.

Manage your money easily

You can keep track of your money and watch your savings grow from our mobile app, or your online account.

Easy Access with exclusive rates

This account is designed for savers with a minimum of £20,000 that want to watch their money multiply with a higher interest rate of 4.56% AER.

You work hard for your money, now make it work hard for you

Next-day access

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Retail savings app

Easy app-based saving

The easiest way to open an account is by downloading the OakNorth app available on the Apple or Google Play Stores. From there you can open an account as either a new or returning customer in just 5 minutes.

It’s quick and simple to keep track of your savings, withdraw or top-up your account and watch your interest add up. Or, if you’d prefer you can open an account online using online banking.

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Security front and centre

We’re a fully licensed and regulated UK bank, which means when you save with us, you’re protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000.

Not the right account for you?

This account is only for customers looking to save £20,000 or more. Visit our Easy Access accounts page to save with as little as £1. Or see our full range of accounts designed to suit different saving styles.


If you’re a customer with an Easy Access account with £20,000 or more, you can transfer your savings over to an Easy Access Limited Edition account, while it’s on offer, to make the most of higher interest rates.

You should only move your savings over to the new Easy Access Limited Edition account if you are transferring £20,000 or more. To open a new Easy Access Limited Edition and transfer your savings:

  1. Go onto the OakNorth app or download the OakNorth app from the Google Play or Apple Stores if you haven’t already.
  2. Log in to your account – if you’ve never logged in with the app before click ‘I already have an account’
  3. Fill out your details – it should only take 5 mins and you will be auto-approved as a current customer
  4. On approval, select the Account you’d like to move money from by clicking ‘View’ in online banking or clicking on the tile in the app
  5. Once selected you’ll be shown a ‘Move Money’ icon. Click on this.
  6. Select the account you’d like to move your money to. You’ll be presented with a list of all eligible accounts when you select the drop-down
  7. You can then choose to do a full balance transfer. Here you’ll see the available balance to transfer
  8. Select ‘Move Money’. The full transfer will take place instantly and will cancel the pending transfer you previously requested

The main difference in Easy Access and Easy Access Limited Edition is the minimum deposit criteria and interest rate. Customers able to save a minimum of £20,000 can now earn a higher interest rate. There is no change to the time-period for which you can access your funds, it will remain as next business day access.

Limited Edition means that this product is only going to be on offer for a limited time period, at the discretion of OakNorth. This means it may only be available for customers for just a few days.

We already have an Easy Access account that has a minimum deposit of £1 for savers that can’t commit to higher savings amounts and want total flexibility. This is a new take on Easy Access accounts for savers with £20,000 up to £500,000 that want higher rates without compromising next-day access.

You have 14 days to fund your account with £20,000 in line with your Specific Easy Access Terms & Conditions. You will be required to always maintain a minimum balance of £20,000 in your account. If one or more withdrawals reduce your Account balance to an amount lower than £20,000, we will have the right to close your Account and the remaining money will be sent back to your nominated bank account on the following business day.

Nothing will happen to your account once you’ve signed up and transferred the minimum deposit limit. When the Easy Access Limited Edition account is withdrawn from the market, it will no longer be available for new customers to sign up. If you’re an existing customer with an Easy Access Limited Edition account, your account will remain open, and you will continue to earn interest. You can continue to add funds at any time once the account is opened even when it’s no longer available for new customers.

Yes, like any Easy Access account, your interest rates will be variable and can increase or decrease at any time. We will always communicate any changes to our interest rates to you via email. Increases to your rate will come into effect on the first day of the next calendar month.

No, this account is only available for sole accounts currently.