UK property loans for overseas investors

Cut out the confusion and increase the efficiency of your next UK property investment with specialist financing for non-UK residents.

Buying property in the UK as a non-resident 

We’ve helped hundreds of commercial and residential property investors build a strong portfolio in the UK with fast and flexible financing options built for them. If you’re borrowing as a limited company, we can help you access the capital you need to close property deals fast, without fuss.

Invest, without stress

Investing in overseas markets is complicated, especially when there’s a time difference and the UK property market moves fast.

With OakNorth you can apply for your UK buy-to-let loan on our digital application independently, in your own time, and receive custom indicative loan terms in just five minutes.* And if approved, you’ll typically have the funds in your account within 15 days*.

*Subject to each loan application

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Keep track of your loan, day or night

Don’t wake up at 4am just to wait on the end of the phone. Our digital platform allows you to upload everything you need to get indicative terms and pricing upfront.

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Get approved in up to 2 hours

We won’t make you wait months for a dead-end answer. When applying for a property investment loan up to £3m using our digital application, we can present you with indicative loan terms in five minutes and an approval decision in up to 2 hours**.

**Subject to each application submitted via our digital application, under £3m, forms and legal documents being submitted in a timely manner, legal and Know Your Customer checks, and property type

Fast financing, even in complex circumstances 

Specialist loans shouldn’t be a headache – and with us, they’re not. We’ve got years of experience financing specialist property investments for both UK and overseas investors.

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A helping hand, from application to acceptance

Although we use tech to make our lending faster and smarter, nothing beats the human touch when it comes to customer support. That’s why if you need to speak to a specialist there’s one just a call away to guide your application.

Our digital application criteria 

Our online application for residential property investment has a few criteria, so if you’re in the real estate, property development – or investment sector, and you’re looking for a specialist business loan above £3m for something different, we can still cater to you. Check out our real estate loans for more information.

If you’re an introducer that wants fast and flexible financing for your customers, fill out this short online form and we’ll be in touch.

Digital application loans from £100k up to £3m

Our digital application is for commercial and residential investors looking for loans from £100k up to £3m. For financing above £3m visit our real estate page to see how we can support you.

Finance for commercial and residential properties

We can provide finance for residential or commercial properties from £100k up to £3m using our digital application. For anything above that amount, you can fill out this short form and one of our loan specialists will be in touch.

Finance for property valued from £150k

Our minimum property investment loans start at £100k and our minimum property value is £150k, going all the way up to £3m loans to a maximum 70% LTV ratio.

Floating interest rates

We offer floating interest rates that will vary based on changes to the Bank of England base rate.

Maximum loan to value 70%

For our overseas property investment loans, the loan amount can be up to 70% of the overall value of your property.

Occupied properties only

These loans are only for investors buying properties with tenants already in place. If you’re looking to invest in property that’s currently empty, our real estate loans can fund from £250k up to tens of millions. 

Build your success in UK property today

There’s a constant demand for rental homes in the UK. Investing in property with a loan can help you release capital for your business to leverage in other growth areas, and depending on your rental income, you could find that the property pays for itself. So, if there’s a great investment opportunity to expand your portfolio, don’t miss out due to working capital restraints.  Not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Check out our guide to property investment loans for more information.

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Meet Ali, founder of Dandi Group

Wanting to elevate the experience of London studio living, our funding and specialist sector knowledge helped Ali achieve his goals to create homes that are both functional and beautiful.

View transcript

Because I’ve lived in studio flats, historically, when you have guests back home, and then you open the door there’s a bed there, and you have to squeeze your way in as well. I always had in the back of my mind that I should do something to bring dignity back to people who live in studio flats. This is London, the most desired city on Earth and property should reflect that.


That element of surprise, magic, is what we’re about at Dandi. The space revolves around your very needs throughout the day, it can be a bedroom, switch to a living room, switch to an office or a dining room, all in one. One of the ways of me achieving my goal is having lenders like OakNorth, so I can execute my dream. There’s lots of financial institutions who are more restricted to one-off loans.  I find that with OakNorth they’ve got a deeper ability to assist for numerous projects.


It means that it allows me to go out there and be more aggressive in reaching my goal, instead of waiting for projects to complete, they actually assist you with the second, third, and fourth, as long as it makes sense. That’s what you need as a serious player in the property market.


One thing that pleasantly surprised me is the fact that the boss himself attended a site visit, he was curious to see what we’re about and you don’t get that with other lenders. And I suppose you only do that when you are really fully dedicated and say, ‘Look, we’re behind you. We get you.’ They’re always on the other side of the line. I don’t recall having ever had an issue getting hold of someone at OakNorth. It is very frustrating when I have to leave four, five, six messages or emails for the bank director that I’ve known for 15 years to call me back. So that’s the good thing about OakNorth, they’re always there.

Buying with a UK limited company

Whether you’re adding to your existing portfolio or starting from scratch you’ll likely consider the benefits of using a limited company to purchase property. We can accept applications through UK limited companies set up by non-UK residents.

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Introducing OakNorth?

If you’re looking for fast and flexible financing on behalf of ambitious businesses, we want to hear from you. Simply fill out this short online form to find out how to connect your customers to a lending partner that speaks their language.


We’re a UK digital bank supporting ambitious entrepreneurs with fast specialist business loans and helping motivated savers reach their goals. Since 2015, we’ve lent over £8bn to UK businesses and we’ve helped over 16,000 savers make their money work harder.

To make your application process as fast as possible, we’ll ask you to upload some documents into your personal portal including:

  • Your personal ID (a photograph of your passport or driving licence)
  • Any tenancy documents you may have
  • The floorplan of the property

These documents will remain completely confidential – we’ll never share them with anyone outside of our team and you are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation law. For more information, visit our Privacy Notice.

Yes we will. We judge each loan application on its own merits and don’t make blanket decisions based on one factor alone.

For residential property investment, we offer terms of one to five years. If you’re looking for bridging loans, revolving credit facilities, or other specialist loan facilities, visit our real estate loans page to find out what else we can do for your sector.

Yes. All of our loans require personal guarantees regardless of the loan size. To find out more about what a personal guarantee is and how they’re used at OakNorth check out our full guide.

We offer loans up to tens of millions for property development and property investment, but this digital application is currently only for residential property investment loans from £250,000 up to £3,000,000. If you need a bigger loan, or want a business loan for another type of project, visit our real estate loans page.

If you’re unable to fill out your digital application you can request help at any point and one of our friendly advisors will support you.

If you apply for finance for a commercial or residential property under £3m using our digital application, we aim to have the money in your account within 15 days from your approval*

*Subject to each loan application

You can use your OakNorth property finance to invest in UK commercial property such as hotels, restaurants, care homes, and nurseries, or residential UK property such as houses or flats. You will need to be investing in the property to let it out and it must already have existing tenants. If you’re looking to purchase or develop a property for your own business use, visit our real estate loans page to find out how we can help.