They did it their way – our most unique funding cases in 2022

We’ve funded our fair share of both residential and commercial property projects, but our portfolio is much more diverse than bricks and mortar. Our aim is to provide growing, entrepreneurial SMEs with the funding they need, and increasingly we’re funding more and more unique and exciting businesses with great prospects.  

From surfing in central Scotland to standout money advice providers, here’s some of the more distinctive businesses we’ve funded in the last year.  

Lost Shore Surf Resort is riding the wave of growing Scottish tourism 

Inland surfing in Scotland year-round isn’t something most people imagine is possible, but the team at the Lost Shore Surf Resort are making this dream a reality with their creation of the state-of-the-art facilities. 

The new site in Ratho, near Edinburgh, is set to open to the public in 2024. Led by sustainable building practises and to boost travel within Scotland, the resort is combining free-to-access public green space, food markets and a wellness spa with a leading surf school – giving both newbies the chance to try surfing for the first time and granting rising surf stars the best chance to hone their skills all the way to Olympic standards. 

Investment in facilities like this are helping to shake up and redefine tourism in Scotland and provide fresh new ideas to spend leisure time for locals. We decided to back this project because of the huge potential to boost the local economy, taking a derelict site and building an environment-first business that will restore biodiversity levels.

Nightingale Health is taking Care Unique to new heights  

The proof is in the name – Nightingale Healthcare acquired Care Unique because their whole approach to providing domiciliary care was different to what Founder Mo Moosa had seen before. They focus on giving at-home personalised care to the local Black, Asian and Minority ethnic (BAME) community – in particular on the needs of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. This approach allowed them to provide carers that spoke their native language, are able to cook meals they had grown up with and who are familiar with their religious and cultural practices. 

Nightingale was set up to take an already established business with a strong USP and develop it even further, with longer term plans for the wider business to keep acquiring stand out brands and taking them to new levels. This ability to spot the promising beginnings of new businesses and to develop successful new identities for them is the ambitious, entrepreneurial flair take can power a business for years to come, and our funding is helping to boost this mindset that is already on the right track.  

MoneyPlus is opening up financial advice to those who need it most 

Speaking to the services that people need the most, MoneyPlus caught our eye with the way they are meeting the increasingly in-demand need for trustworthy financial advice. They provide both financial and legal services for those struggling to manage their debt. In a time where more and more people are slipping to financially precarious situations, MoneyPlus are stepping in to offer a helping hand and providing a more stable footing. 

The funding we supported with has been used to grow MoneyPlus’ resources and help even more people access their vital services. As the cost-of-living crisis continues to affect Britons across the country, it’s important that the businesses doing something about this are backed with the resources they need.

Europa Wools has the wool wholesale market wrapped up  

Europa Wools are one of the biggest wool wholesalers in the country, specialising in providing wool from across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. These countries have a long history with natural fibres, and in a world where resorting to lower-quality synthetic materials is becoming the norm, their commitment to higher quality materials is the ambitious kind of attitude we admire. 

When they needed funding to support a management buyout, the reputation of the Huddersfield-based company already preceded it. With control of the businesses also passing between family members, we were confident that the vision of this standout textiles business would continue on for years to come as they were able to take advantage of new technology advancements in weaving machines.  

Clavis IDS is leading 3D design innovation 

Leading the way in belt tension measuring equipment, Clavis IDS have long had their finger on the pulse of what is new and necessary in the manufacturing space. They have a strong connection to the latest technology developments and are committed to supporting future industry advancement in 3D design.  

They have this mentality when creating the highly specialised components the produce every day, and this level of care and precision makes for winning formula that earns you a strong reputation in your field. 

We backed Clavis with a business loan that helped initially fund a management buyout, but that is also being used to keep leading the way with new production methods. Not content with remaining where they are, this attitude of continuing to invest to lead the way in industry developments ends up having a positive knock-on effect for the businesses that use this equipment, boosting more companies for years to come. 


We’ve found the variety in the businesses we back is not only keeping our portfolio interesting, but is pointing us to new and exciting companies leading the way with out-of-the-box thinking. This independent way of thinking and entrepreneurial spirit is what we see across the most succesful businesses we fund, which is why we keep an open mind with the sectors we consider. If your unique business is requiring funding of its own to reach those new heights, get started with a business loan application today.

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